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        Los Angeles DJ Sam House



        What is UPLIGHTING?

        Uplighting is an ambient light that is placed around the perimeter of your event space. The light is generally aimed up the wall and toward the ceiling to create a warm glow over the event space. This simple lighting process can easily transform your space into an aesthetically pleasing and energetic environment!


        The trend in lighting has moved away from sound-activated “club” lighting and more toward this ambient uplighting. Uplighting provides the perfect combination of elegance and sophistication where traditional lighting sources fall short. The benefit of uplighting from House Entertainment is that we offers true high-definition LED uplighting with VIVID colors and versatility. The true beauty of our uplighting is it’s ability to match ANY color theme you have. From elegant to energetic, every possibility is available with high-definition uplighting!

        Uplighting creates a dramatic effect

        Uplighting Effect

        Perfect for Weddings, Birthdays, and Corporate events!

        Uplighting Effect
        Uplighting Rental

        Custom Gobo Light Rental

        Custom Gobo Light

        Click Here to see a video clip for the MARTIN MANIA PR1
        Automated Lighting Effect

        The Martin Mania PR1 is a high precision optic luminaire designed to project your image, logo, decoration or message onto any wall, floor or ceiling. With a rotating, interchangeable pattern disk (gobo) you can adjust your message to whatever the occasion? Clubs, Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Functions, whatever! Color filters can also be added and as with all Mania products, there is no duty cycle so it can run all night!

        We provide the light rental and You Choose the Design!

        Custom Gobos start at $69.95 + shipping

        Custom gobo design

        Custom Gobos are a great to get your name in lights!

        Perfect for Weddings, Birthdays, and Corporate events!

        You can order your custom gobo directly from

        Click Here to see a PDF catalog of inexpensive decoration gobos.

        Dance Floor Lighting

        Click Here to see Video of 2 – Mini Gressor II Lights

        Click Here to see a Video of the LED Shadow UV Blacklights

        Follow Spotlight

        Extra Bright Follow Spotlight
        for a dramatic grand entrances and more.

        Fog Machine

        Fog Machine

        Video Projector and Screen Rental

        Video Projector and Screen

        uplighting and effect light rentals are offered as an option with DJ service only.

        Call Now to Reserve your Date!
        (310) 948-2999


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