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        Los Angeles DJ Sam House


        DJ Equipment

        The sound equipment rental and DJ systems I bring to your event are built with some of the most professional mobile DJ equipment on the market. They are designed to be rugged, compact, and dependable. Even my wireless microphone systems are top-notch to prevent interference and dropouts during your ceremony & reception. Why? Because they have to work. There are no redo’s. That’s why my microphone systems are the same kind you see at major concerts and sporting events.

        Quality Sound Equipment Rental including Pioneer, JBL, and Sennheiser

        House Entertainment uses High-Quality Professional Audio Equipment,

        including nightclub-style Serato DJ Setup utilizing

        Clear ShureWireless Microphones,

        Amazing 15″ JBL EON G2 Speakers &

        Apple macbook pro laptops.

        Sound Equipment Rental
        Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom DBX DriveRack(R) PX Powered Speaker Optimizer

        Technics DJ Setup

        Facts about ipods:

        *ipods cannot read the mood of the guests.

        *ipods cannot speak to the guests.

        *ipods cannot direct activites.

        *ipods do not have the ability to set up sound systems nor have expertise on how to run them.

        *If you choose the ipod route to save money you will still be left wondering who will be in charge of set up, announcing, directing and cueing the music for the special moments. Putting someone in your party in charge of these things will most likely take away from their enjoyment of your event.

        Video Projector and Screen Rental
        Projector, DVD, and 60" Screen

        With our sound equipment rental we provide crisp, clear sound at the perfect volume so that your event will be memorable for its music and sound quality, not for its loud or obnoxious noise. We not only manage the sound and music, but we ensure that the activities of your party happen in an orderly and exciting way. We will go over the agenda for the event together so that nothing important will be forgotten during your celebration. Emceeing the event is a major part of our dj services.


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